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Custom made Eyes

If you cannot find the right eye in our large selection, we are able to produce special models on request as far as technically possible.

First of all please send us a photograph or a drawing of the requested eye and describe us what the eye should look like (color, size, form etc.).

Please note the following: 

  • Custom made eyes are feasible from 2 - 150mm, though not in each increment !
  • The delivery time for custom made eyes is usually 2 - 6 weeks.
  • Please understand that custom made eyes are non-returnable in any case.
  • You find the prices in the pricelist under Art.No. 910SO (eyes on wire), 970SO (mouthblown doll eyes and figurine eyes), 980SO (human eyes) and 990SO (CC- / IQ- / aspheric & flat glass eyes). You can find our pricelist on our website in the section "About us / Downloads".
  • Our separate order confirmation is binding in any case.
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